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Two Sisters, One Amazing Sauce

Brownie and Princess Sims—The Sims Girls—grew up surrounded by good food and even better family. Like many households, The Sims Girls remember the kitchen as the foundation of the family and cooking was a tradition passed down from the matriarchs. But one thing was special to them, and that was Aunt Marion’s secret barbecue sauce.

Growing up, the sisters watched Aunt Marion make pots full of her famous barbeque sauce, stirring it with a big wooden spoon for hours. At family gatherings, the countertops were lined with mason jars in anticipation of leftover sauce.

One day, Brownie decided to try to recreate the sauce on her own. Many destroyed pots and pans later, she finally remade the famous family sauce. She invited her mother and aunt over and presented her sauce. Aunt Marion said to her sister, “Jean, did you do this?” and Jean replied, “Stop playing, you know you did this.” Then, with a big smile, Brownie said, “No ladies, I did it.”

Although Brownie recreated the recipe in 2014, The Final Sauce wasn’t perfected until Princess packed up her bags, drove 3,000 miles and joined her sister in the kitchen. By combining Brownie’s creativity and Princess’ business savvy, the Sims Girls bring love and laughter to every batch of sauce.

They say a sister is a gift to the heart—well, The Sims Girls are sharing that gift with you.

With love; from our kitchen to yours,
— The Sims Girls